PA Systems (Public Address Systems)

Vision Communications can install professional PA systems (public address systems) or adapt or extend an existing installation in your venue, from line announcement and background music systems to high-end concert rigs.

We design, supply and install integrated pa systems, from basic professional public address systems, to multiroom audio / video control systems, video conferencing systems, digital signage systems for implementation in public areas, such as hotels, apartment blocks, villa compounds, shopping centers & airports.

School PA Systems

We service, install and maintain school PA Systems on a daily basis, and have a full understanding of school PA system requirements. We also have experience in repairing and maintaining older systems.

Our PA System solutions for schools include alert, evacuation, lockdown, scheduled school bells and music. The PA systems can also be customised to deliver to schools individual requirements.

Our qualified, experienced technicians can assist with any PA system requirement.

Digital and IP PA System Solutions

With extensive experience in high end DSP, digital and IP Audio deployment, we can provide you with a range of cutting edge options that will run over fibre networks, LAN networks or across wireless links.

Facilities with existing network infrastructure can take advantage of our IP solutions and save costs and increase flexibility in deployment. Zoning and messaging to nodes becomes simple and effective.

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